Ever since Lee&Tee was founded 10 years ago, providing a professional image for people while withstanding the high standard of quality had always been our main driving force to where we are today. Living in a demanding century, we rarely have time to cater to everything around us, which probes us to squeeze and making full use of our daily 24 hours. 
This is where our group of experienced designers came into the picture with halos hovering on their head, embarking on the route of creativity to re-create products to be more Functional, Innovative & Professional, which will be well-received by all diversity.We had also produced several products ranging from a passport holder to a handheld carrier. Nevertheless, we still work continuously to developing new designs and concepts for our new favourites, so that more people could enjoy the classic professional prestige for years to come. Our main materials for our products are Faux Leather, which is of the Highest Synthetic Quality, Microfiber Leather with a combination of Functional & Luxury, all at a price that's worth paying for!Why pay for something that is over-valued when you have Lee&Tee? There are over 1000 ready-to-shop products, with not less than 30 new designs coming to you monthly! 

All our products are manufactured and designed by our own factory and team of in- house designers in Vietnam!

Rebecca Thu - An aspiring young lady, who is also the head designer for Lee&Tee bags, and all thanks to her, there are so many wonderful bags that are currently circulating globally and enjoyed amongst the users! Her designs are a mixture of the solutions to the problems where bag/wallet users have often faced, and with a combination of her own creativity. Lee&Tee Bags wouldn't look like what it is today without her!

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