“Let’s welcome 2021 with a brand new start of a brand new year.”So BORING.

Have you ever encounter any of your acquaintances or close friends, who have that is yet to be done, which then starts to procrastinate till the end of 202o0? What’s worst — they will be yadda yadda yadda their way through, telling the whole world what needs to be done this year.

Nah, they are most likely just fishing for likes. In fact, their ‘New Year Plan’ is most likely to fail within a span of a couple of months, or even shorter. The main point that I’m trying to put across is, I do understand not everyone is like what was mentioned earlier, but this mentality got to stop.Similarly, there is no such thing as Monday Blues, only if — you know, you like, & love what you are currently working on. This stigma is toxic & generally, people have to understand that refreshing the new work year does not get your things done miraculously if your mentality & actions do not change. As accordance with the Pareto’s Theory, 20% of the people tend to get 80% of their things done, & vice versa. Sad truths, isn’t it?

Pareto’s Theory still stands today.

Pareto’s Theory still stands today.

We are always struggling with our inner-self to prioritise tasks & get things done efficiently. More often than not, we allow our lazy bug to rule over us. No one is perfect, including myself; an average Joe, when there are also several times that I’ll behave just like you. So, if you’re so smart, how to solve this crap?Well, you must be feeling a burning sensation after reading this article. That’s what I want you to feel so that at least this will get you moving. Following which, all of us will have to instil a discipline/habit within us. As simple as folding our own bedsheets when we got out of our beds, sleeping & waking up early, keep ourselves fashionable & hygienic; these matters most as not only they can help to rejuvenate our health, but it also helps to form a foundation of good habits, something that is at least — positive, in our daily lives.

Folding bedsheets is one of the regimentation drills to instil discipline into the soldiers’ mind.

Once again, this time, I’ll like to welcome you wholeheartedly to the brand new 2021. Take as much action as you want yourself to change for the better. Maybe reconsidering your fashion taste — on the things you wear & bring along.Indeed, if you are considering changing your whole outfit, leave the bags to us, we’ll take care for you!What’s more, you are in luck — as we are having New Year Gift Code for 2021. 

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