Each of our bag and leather accessory ranges is handmade from start to finish so that each of our products has its own unique character. Our leather satchels, messenger bags and travel bags are an excellent example to show the care and attention, which goes into each one.  This is how they are made… 

Most of our big-sized bags are made of microfiber leather (highest quality of synthetic leather), the rest which are wallets/purses made of cowhile leather (genuine leather).  Over the past 10 years, we’ve been changing leather materials for our bags in order to upgrade our customers’ lifestyle. It’s more about the weight of leather which is replaced by the lighter one and It must have a certain thickness to support the bag shape.  

Since 2009 

  • To ready for every bag’s launched and displayed at our physical store/website, our in-house designers start to craft the sample design at our daily beautiful workshop.  
  • Sending our sample to our in-house factory for mass production.  


  1. Leather Cutting 
  2. Leather Shoveling 

  • The thickness of our custom leather is at least 1.6-1.8mm. The thickness is one of the criteria for measuring leather grade and quality. The thick leather skin has to go through the "leather shoveling" process, one is to control the weight of the bag itself. The second is to make the thickness of the leather pieces uniform, surface smooth, and the stitching smooth, the leather at the edge of each part should be thinner, the edges or the fits are thick and uniform, the stitching lines are flat, and the texture of the details comes out.
  • This is also a detail that everyone can judge the quality. Low-end products usually omit this step, some to save time and labor, while the others are because of using of lower grade split leather or synthetic leather, there is no way to shovel, the split leather is relying on the surface coating "Simulation", if the bottom shovel is thin, only the chemical coating above is left, and it can't be used at all. So some cheap bags, you will find the details can not look closely, such as uneven surface, and stitching lines are arched, ect.

  3. Glue Painting: 

  • There are two reasons to use glue on a leather bag, one is to stick the inner material, and the other is to accurately match the stitching. Good glue only with light smell and it is eco-friendly. Of course, the price is also more expensive. The bad glue smells pungent and harmful to our body. If you take a bag obviously not with leathery taste, and the pungent smell is coming from the bottom. It is definitely a low-end product. Lee&Tee use eco-friendly glue which has a light smell and a high grade of fit. It is a responsible attitude to both of the workers and consumers.

 4. Hardware

  • Next is the hardware installation. Hardware is an important part of the bag, unique original design hardware has achieved the unique temperament of the bag, it is both practical and decorative. 

5. Shape forming:

6. Stitching: 

  • The details of the stitching are the easiest to see the quality of a bag, it is straight or not, the uniformity is uneven or not, which reflects the workmanship of the bag. The quality of the stitching is related to several aspects: the complexity of the bag type, the technical level of the man-made, and the point is equally important, the quality of the stitching machine. It cost from $1000-200K. Simply speaking, factories with good machines are also with higher labor cost.

The process is now complete and the leather satchel, messenger bag or travel bag is ready to be shipped to all our franchised stores and our partners in other countries.  

After reading this content. Everyone has already got a general idea of the leather bag production procedure. It is a good bag or not? Where the price difference? Everyone can have a judgment. At Lee&Tee, beside making all kind of 100% handcraft items which are subtle, beautiful and high quality genuine leather. We more mainly focus on making affordable products but high quality and durable, last-long without easy to get scuffs or scratches. Especially, to our backpacks, It’s totally fine if you wear your backpack over just one shoulder for a long time. It won’t be torn-off easily. We have been receiving a lot of good feedback from our customers around the world for this most convenient.

Finally, to make a leather bag, far more than the nine steps mentioned above, each step is far more than the content. We also hope that more and more fashion consumers understand the process of making handbags. This is a traditional industry, and it is about the craftsmanship, relying on inheritance.

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