What kind of leather does Lee&Tee use?

#leeandteeglobal #leeandteesg #leeandteesingapore #leatherbags #handmadeleathergoods

#leeandteeglobal #leeandteesg #leeandteesingapore #leatherbags #handmadeleathergoods

Here are your answers:

  1. Wallets (men&ladies): genuine leather (cow leather)
  2. The rest (belts, backpacks, languages, handbags, shoulder bags, briefcase, …): microfiber leather.
  3. Handle Strap for Bottle water: Veg Tan or Micro Fiber (eco-friendly)

And this is a piece of good knowledge for you about this microfiber leather.Enjoy the article!

More than leather?

The microfiber leather (or microfiber leather or microfibre leather) is the abbreviation of microfiber PU (polyurethane) synthetic (faux) leather. Microfiber leather fabric is one type of synthetic leather, this material is microfiber non-woven fabric coating with a layer of high-performance PU (polyurethane) resins.

1. Check the surface grains. The texture of high-quality microfiber is clearer, and the surface layer feels similar to genuine leather.

2. Hand feeling. High-quality microfiber has a good surface finish, with its elasticity and comfort is also very high.

3. Check the crease. Fold the different microfiber leathers, then check and compare the crease; Also, double-check if the crease disappears hastily when recovery. The smaller the crease, the faster the disappearance. This represents a better performance of the product surface while having PU attached microfiber base. This is an important indicator of high-quality microfiber.

4. Check the scratches. Scrape the surface of the microfiber with a hard object to see if it will leave scratches. The surface of the high-quality microfiber is often scratch-resistant.

5. Hydrolysis resistance. High-quality microfiber is highly resistant to hydrolysis. Of course, this is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, and therefore, you will have to clarify this factor with the seller when doing procurement.

6. Base fabric. Base fabric is a key component for microfiber leather and it is related to the overall performance of microfiber. A good base fabric equates the high stability of the performance by the microfiber.

Microfiber leather or real leather?

1. Microfiber leather is a high-class synthetic leather which perfectly replicates features of real leather such as the hand-feeling, breathability and moisture absorption etc.

2. The performance of microfiber, which includes chemical and abrasion resistance, anti-crease, ageing resistance, & etc., are better than genuine leather.

3. As real leather originates from animal skins, having strange smells is thus inevitable. Usually, the formaldehyde and heavy metals tend to exceed the standards in the production process, resulting in the real leather to produce a pungent odour. On the other hand, Microfiber is odourless.

4. Based on the quality distribution of natural hide, the amount of usable leather ranges only about 60% to 80%. However, this is never an issue that limits the production of Microfibre, as it is produced in the form of rolls while keeping the quality of Microfiber highly consistent.


Veg-Tanned Leather

#veg-tanned #leather

#veg-tanned #leather

Microfiber leather

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